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I will engage with your brand on Pinterest.

1 Social Engagement on Pinterest

Account #1 (3K Reach)

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I'll share the Pinterest post with all my email subscribers.
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An in-depth Pinterest comment will exceed 100 words.
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About this offer

I will help to improve your social media engagement on Pinterest.

I understand the power of meaningful interactions, and that's exactly what I deliver. I will engage with your existing social media content, exactly as specified by your brand. Whether it's giving a post a thumbs-up, leaving a thoughtful comment, or creating a buzz by sharing and repinning your Pinterest posts.

About the influencer

Laura le Roux

Laura le Roux

8K Reach

I am a happily married, homeschooling mom of 4 while trying to run my business. For my sanity I drink way too much coffee, do yoga and try to grow vegetables. 

My blogging journey started 17 years ago as a single mom, sharing life with 2 kids, dating and navigating moving back home. It evolved to sharing life with my now husband, the addition of 2 additional children and trying to keep 4 kids clean, fed, clothed and educated. 

Now I share about our life as a homeschooling family trying to life a more sustainable life. 


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