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I will a tweet with image include if needed

1 Social Share on Twitter

Account #1 (6K Reach)

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+ $50
I'll share the Tweet with all my email subscribers.
+ $25
I'll Retweet on Twitter up to 3 different times.
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About this offer

I can tweet one tweet on Twitter with a photo and hashtags or customized to how you want it. I also offer add ons such as re-shares and an option to include in the weekly newsletter to followers.

About the influencer

amy Blair Lee

amy Blair Lee

15K Reach

I'm the owner of [link-omitted] since 2014. on the site I share gift guides, recipes, DIY bath and body products, kids crafts, printables. I also share products and sales that I know my readers and followers will love. I'm also a licensed cosmetologist and nurse, that now works from home on the website. I took a brief hiatus in 2021-2022 to fight breast cancer, but I have been cancer free since May of 2022! Check out the offers I have with price ranges including for my website, Twitter (X), Pinterest, and for Instagram. Offers can also be customized to your needs as well! I look forward to collaborating with you!


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