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I will share good infos

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I can share anything that goods in my Twitter. It Will be more relevant if it is related to Indonesian. Indonesia has such a large market to explore.

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Pringadi Abdi Surya

Pringadi Abdi Surya

36K Reach

Hallo, I am Pringadi. I am writer, traveler, and lifestyle enhtusiast. I write fiction book and also poem. I enjoy traveling, especially waterfall. Nowadays, I often write about public policy in newspaper and as a blogger, I write a lot about literature and daily life.

I was choosen as emerging writer in Makassar Internatinal Writers Festival 2014 and participating in Asean-JAPAN Residency Program in Asean Literary Festival 2014.

As bloger, I write a lot in UGC Websites like Kompasiana and Kumparan and I got Best Fiction Award in Kompasiana 2019. Now, I am master public administration.


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